About us

About us

Factory of Chart Paper CJSC is a leading manufacturer of roll and fanfold recording charts for medical recording instruments and other medical consumables, as well as chart paper and chart discs for industrial applications. The company was founded in 2002 in Belgorod, Russian Federation. During this short period, our company has come a long way from a small enterprise with a single printing machine, producing only industrial types of chart papers, to the leader of the printing industry in Russia.

Factory of Chart Paper CJSC is an active and dynamically developing enterprise.

We are proud

High-quality printing equipment

Production area
20000 m2

Updated fleet of 20 cars

Close-knit team of specialists

Over 150 employees in the company

In addition, Factory of Chart Paper CJSC is rapidly developing in the field of production of all types of labels and packaging available in the modern printing market. Thermal tickets hold a special place among a wide range of flexographic printing products.

The technological capability of our factory makes it possible for us to offer the following types of thermal tickets to our customers:

· Boarding and parking cards for airports;

· Entrance tickets to various venues and events: cinemas, theatres, exhibitions, zoos, water parks, concerts, etc.

Currently, the factory is working out several promising projects for the development of production in other areas that will certainly take their rightful place in the market.

Thus, Factory of Chart Paper CJSC can confidently assert its commitment to the expansion of production capacity and business areas.


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We are glad to announce that our company will attend as an exhibitor at International
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CJSC "Diagram Paper Factory" is planning to visit the International exhibition of trade marks production
New perspectives for development
Investing financial resources to purchase new equipment remains a fundamental priority
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