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We're offering:

  • Labels on self-adhesive semi-gloss paper
  • Labels on polypropylene film
  • Thermal labels
  • Wrap-around label

Labels on a self-adhesive paper - are the most widespread and rather inexpensive kind of a roll label, they happen both simple 1-2 colourful, and difficult polnotsvetnymi.

Labels on a paper now are widely applied in perfumery, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, industry and many other branches.

The label on a film has variety of advantages. Production with such label will not lose the kind in damp premises, on street, at influence of oils, chemical substances, the raised temperature, etc.

Stickers are made both on transparent, and on a white film, it allows not to hide the invoice of packing, and on the contrary to underline colour of contents, and packing becomes more harmonious.

Labels on a thermal paper use in the big trading complexes for the further drawing of the information on the thermal printer.

Thermo-labels on a thermal paper have a protective layer that does their more steady against influence of low temperatures, a moisture, mechanical damages. They can withstand long transport and long storage times.

Dry labels (Wrap-around label), which are wrapped around bottles on the filling line (usually PET bottles). It is widely used in the production of mineral and drinking bottled water, juices, lemonades, beer and dairy products.

The most common labels used for such labels are transparent, white/pearlescent or metallized polypropylene of various thicknesses and densities. Where the packaging material is not the direct packaging of the product, but only the label on it, there are no requirements for the barrier properties of the material. The main thing is the visual attractiveness and physical parameters (friction and tensile coefficients, etc.) of the materials, which allow their optimal use on the labeling equipment.

The production time is discussed individually and depends on the circulation.

Cost, terms and method of delivery are agreed individually.

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