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 — Boarding Passes and Parking Tickets for Airports

Thermal cardboard printing of parking tickets and tickets

Thermal cardboard printing is a modern way of making boarding passes, entrance tickets and parking tickets. Printing is carried out with the help of flexography. Special heat-sensitive cardboard is used as a material. The use of thermo-mobiles facilitates accounting, allows receiving attendance reports and conducting marketing research.

We offer:

  • Printing boarding passes for airports;
  • Parking pass printing;
  • Input ticket printing.

A boarding pass is a rectangular card with the passenger's surname, carrier's name, flight number with a two-digit airline code, date, route, seat number, boarding gate number, scheduled departure time, boarding time. Boarding pass is issued on the basis of passenger check-in for the flight. The boarding pass on the right has a tear-off spine on which the basic information from the boarding pass is duplicated. We are able to make any configuration of the boarding pass depending on the customer's requirements.

Parking Pass - Parking tickets are printed in any design, complexity and geometric shapes. Parking tickets can be both standard parking tickets and individually designed products of different densities, on the basis of coated or thermo-coated cardboard, with or without top-coating, with or without numbering, with or without perforation. Distinctive feature of our manufacture - possibility to put a magnetic tape on a parking card under the technical project of the customer.

Entrance tickets are a document that allows you to attend a paid or closed event.

First of all, the printing of tickets is necessary for the organization of paid events: concerts, exhibitions, theatrical and circus performances, in amusement parks for access to attractions, etc. At the same time, tickets can serve as documents of strict reporting, saving the organizers from the need to purchase and register a cash register. To ensure that the stubs from the tickets sold remain in order and are not lost, the gluing of tickets into the ticket books is used. In addition to providing entrance, the ticket may also contain additional breakaway elements, for example, to receive a gift at a New Year's Eve children's party. In such cases, either economical ticket making or, for more expensive events, image execution with full-color printing on coated or even designer paper is required.

The production time is discussed individually and depends on the circulation.

Cost, terms and method of delivery are agreed individually.

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